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Banner design isn’t as simple as it seems. The main thing about banners is how they work. If you get lots and lots of visitors coming to your site with a help of banner advertising – congratulations, your banners work. If not, contact us for the effective design banner.

With millions of banners flooded the web, people just stopped noticing them. To make your banner visible and don’t irritate consumers, be very careful with its design and text you use. Remember that people don’t spend time examining ads, so don’t make them think what your banner is about. Create clear heading, call to action button and just tell visitors what to do (e.g. shop now, click to know more etc.). According to the way our eyes move, right side of the banner is thought to be the best place to locate such information. Try to use words like “free”, “now”, “buy”, “sale” and similar to them. Try to list benefits which consumers could get after clicking the banner. Make sure that fonts you use are easy to read.

Graphic information should catch as much attention as possible. For example, banners with attractive people, looking straight to the camera, work really well. Like in real life, it’s hard to avoid eye contact. Use images that will tell about the offer and make people want to click the banner. If you don’t plan to use banner networks for your banners but want to use some particular sites, take into consideration sites’ design and interface. Pay attention to other ads and think how your banner will look in contrast with them. Don’t afraid to be creative. Choose designs that don’t look like classic banners. If possible, make them interactive and funny.

When we design a banner, we understand that the task of any banner is to create a positive first impression of goods or services which he advertises. So do not forget about the CTR (click through ratio of the number of banner impressions), we create banners with a high CTR. We are engaged in the creation of various banners,no metter what shape and size you need. You will get a really unique product that will fully meet your marketing objectives and corporate style.

Our company has deep experience in effective web banner design . We know how to make your ad both beautiful and good working. Hire VizualTech to create banners which will bring you results!

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