Professional Logo Design & Branding Services

Corporate identity is a set of interconnected graphic elements that are aimed to create a positive image of the company and increase its visibility. It happens through communications, visual appearance, name and slogan. This is information associated with your brand, and the visual aspect is a very important part of it. That’s why good graphic design logo is critical. For big companies (especially offline B2C ones), brand’s visual components are usually created by a group of marketers and designers. All processes occur under guidance of art-directors and brand-managers and require a lot of researches and tests before and after the work is done. Building brand identity takes time and the cost is usually very high. Small and medium businesses don’t need so much effort. Creating a logo of high quality is enough as it is the most recognizable part of brand’s visual identity.

The first thing to do before creating a logo is defining the idea it should express. Don’t focus on trendy colors, styles or images. The main purpose of the logo is representing of business values. In the same time, outdated logos need redesign. Think about it if you work in industries like IT, marketing, mass media or others who are supposed to keep their fingers on the pulse.

The branding service includes creation of the following elements:

  • Logo;
  • Corporate font;
  • The company’s colors;

At VizualTech we understand your business’s needs, because we offer branding professional services. When we create logo design, we always remember that a good picture stays in mind much longer than simple text description. This knowledge helps us to work with great enthusiasm and provide high-quality logo design services. You can see our works at sites of universities, celebrities, travel agencies, online stores etc. We know how much good design means and pay attention to every detail. Our team believe in individual approach to each case. VizualTech’s graphic designers can provide you with logo that will contrast you from competitors. So don’t wait, create unique logo and make consumers recognize you!

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Logo Design & Branding