Whether you seek help in choosing the right technology for your project, have security concerns, or need an outside perspective on your codebase, our group of engineering specialists is here to make it happen.

There are several significant factors to consider when picking a technology stack – most importantly the project’s main purpose and the long-term business goals.

European consulting market size

This chart from shows a 3.6% growth in the European IT consulting market during last decade


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Technology Selection

List of our clients is quite extensive – our work over the years has involved retail, assembling, social insurance, account, and pretty much any other technology-driven industry out there. We at Vizual technologies, Inc. work hand-in-hand with our clients to assemble the infrastructure, administrations and frameworks you can rely upon long after initial launch – that way you’ll be able to effectively monitor your project in order to sustain its active profitable status/state. We consolidate our combined skills and experience, then we implement cutting edge technologies to provide detailed counseling arrangements and administrations to be applied asap.

Steps to defining your tech stack

  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of your business activities
  • Brainstorming ideas and defining the process
  • Creating an individual approach
  • Providing your recruitment representatives with human resources info

Code Review

We provide a specialized review of software frameworks, web, and portable applications.

Our specialists will investigate your software code thoroughly with utmost discretion and attention in order to give you a comprehensive perspective on engineering, style, security, and productivity of you product/project

We check for:

  • Overall project performance
  • Memory leaks
  • Web administrations and SOA Assessment
  • Code vulnerabilities
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Unhandled SSL exceptions
  • LDAP injections
  • Request-based correspondence on a web application server

Security Testing

The purpose of security testing is to reveal the vulnerabilities in a certain application, assess information and framework security and its ability to withstand hacker attacks.

  • Utilize the most up-to-date methods to reinforce your systems
  • Reveal security configuration defects in your application
  • Identify security vulnerabilities
  • Find out how well your app integrates within the global infrastructure of your project
Global Cybersecurity

Global Cybersecurity Index by ITU


Unify your employees into a single corporate organism built for achieving new business heights

  • Network

    Network functionality is crucial to cloud service operations, that’s why Vizual Technologies, Inc. puts so much effort into IT management and monitoring

  • Endpoint Management

    Server and Client endpoints are managed as one entity to ensure stability and security of your application. We create a tight connection between server and client endpoints throughout product’s lifecycle

  • Uninterrupted Services

    Vizual Technologies, Inc offers a 24/7 service support to maintain maximum stability and efficiency

  • Application

    Vizual Technologies, Inc. supports on-site deployment of your applications, ensuring the best user experience

  • Infrastructure

    Vizual Technologies, Inc makes sure your IT infrastructure is highly optimized to support for stable work



Our large and diverse pool of IT experts allows greater workflow optimization and further productivity boost. No matter the scale of your project, Vizual Technologies, Inc. got you covered with our top-notch IT solutions specifically crafted for your company’s exact needs.

Francesco Trezzoni

We’ve had some concerns over security breaches in our product and were also desperate to improve server reliability, since we’ve previously had performance issues. Vizual Tech provided extensive backing on both of those things, and were genuinely impressed with their price/quality correlation.

Francesco Trezzoni
a major UK IT company representative
Peter Baumgartner

Choosing tech stack was no easy task – one we initially underestimated. Thankfully Viztech’s expertise was a great help to our future endeavors and we owe them big time for providing a solid foundation to our project.

Peter Baumgartner
CTO at NovaStar
Why choose us

6 Reasons to partner with
Vizual Technologies, Inc.

Below are 6 important reasons you should select our company to handle your infrastructure, assist your people and systems, and advise you on how to reduce the risk of your projects.

    Technology is ever-evolving and it affects the way we conduct businesses. Business needs to adapt to the rapidly changing technology to survive. Instead of wasting time to deploy new technologies, you have Vizual Technologies, Inc. to ease this process for you.


    When you work with Vizual Technologies, Inc., you’re granted an access to our expertise and resources, which will enable you to scale your business. If you are planning a product launch during which you expect a massive traffic increase, you can scale the infrastructure that can cater for your needs.


    With Vizual Technologies, Inc., you are assured that the solution will be carefully designed to suit your requirements. With our economy-friendly package we always get all businesses covered.


    We value all our customers, and in doing so we comply with the regulations of our client’s country. We handle the infrastructure while the customer handles the business aspects of his company.


    Changing your hardware is a daunting task, which can slow down your employee’s operation. With Vizual Technologies, Inc., we promise zero downtime and 24/7-customer support.


    With our experienced IT professionals we connect all your systems together into one cohesive network. This removes the need to manage your systems separately, and in turn improves the performance of your systems.

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