Did you know that Ukraine has the second largest pool of OpenCart developers in the world?

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  • Meeting

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  • Setup

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  • HR Management

    We build our crew’s loyalty through different HR methods to keep your employees invested.

  • Legal Assistance

    We deal with all the managerial and legal issues including finances, workload regulations, days off, etc.

  • Transportation

    We guarantee comfortable transportation at any point in case you need to meet any of your hired employees in person.

OpenCart Developers in Ukraine

According to a chart by BuiltWith, as much as 63% of Ukrainian online stores are operating under OpenCart


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Step By Step Guide On Hiring Opencart Developers

OpenCart is known as the most accessible, yet one of the most effective and flexible online management systems. It provides a huge toolbox of SEO optimization instruments, customization utilities, automation options, etc.

However, this multitude of tools needs to be permanently operated, analyzed, monitored and maintained – that is when our accomplished OpenCart programmers step in.
We’ve teamed up with Alexandr Tiganov, an Opencart engineer working for one of our revered customers, to sum up talking tips and questions that will potentially help you in the uneasy task of choosing the right man for the job.

Before the Interview

Step one is browsing through applicants’ resumes and revealing the ones most skilled in their profession.
Some candidates put a lot of irrelevant information in their resumes, which is a first sign of an amateur. Keep that in mind. Usually that signifies candidate’s lack of skill or motivation – most likely both.

Also be mindful of the applicant’s past employment records. You hardly need an employee that jumps from one position to another in different companies. You need a solid resume – a reputable professional known to be expert in his field. It might take time to find one, but that’ll save you both time and money in the long run.

Assessing the Technical Acumen

Once you’ve chosen the resumes that meet your requirements, it’s time to meet the applicants in person and assess their technical proficiency.

What comes next is a list of things every OpenCart engineer should be accustomed with depending on which position he occupies.

Start with the basics, then proceed with harder questions. Remember not to drive away a junior engineer with improperly difficult questions, but the same also goes for senior engineers – easy questions might create an impression your project lacks ambition for such a high profile professional.

A basic list of demands for a junior programmer is to be accustomed with the OpenCart code structure and most common approaches and techniques – changing code models, using spectators, altering designs, etc.

Test questions:

  • What are the code pools in Opencart? Which code pool you use to make a custom module?
  • What is an EAV structure? In which models is it used? What are the EAV’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Name the steps you take in creating another plan topic for Opencart
  • How do you process an Opencart spectator?
  • Name the accumulations in Opencart and how would you use them
  • Altering center documents – how does it work and on what occasions?
  • What kind of stores does OpenCart work with?
  • How can you flush the reserve automatically?

The applicant’s ability to effectively cope with all sorts of modules and his code streamlining skills are both major parts in telling a professional from a rookie.

Test questions:

  • How are module/database updates created?
  • How to abrogate a strategy in the Opencart center model?
  • How do you use logs and profilers in Opencart?

Solving code issues and improving site performance are two of the most crucial requirements from an applicant, so all of your questions must revolve around those skills in one way or another.

It will also be helpful to find out how good of a team worker the applicant is – that’ll play a huge role in building a healthy and effective team.

Test questions:

  • What were the most challenging projects you’ve worked on?
  • What was you part in them and what were your contributions?

We hope that you find these guidelines useful and by adding them to your recruitment methodology your chances of finding the right people for your project will increase greatly.



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Jack Phelps

After rigorous market assessment it’s been decided that OpenCart will suit our future site the best. Outsourcing such an important element of our project seemed risky at first, but the deeper the work went the less doubts we had left that the choice was right, with guys at Viztech delivering on all of their promises.

Jack Phelps
an executive at Life’s Worth Co.
Ava Jones

When it comes to managing huge numbers of goods, orders, customers and whatnot, Opencart is probably the most obvious choice for an online store. We were just lucky to meet good people at Vizual Technoligies, Inc. who had never let us down in any way.

Ava Jones
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