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Whether you’re creating a brand new app, improving an existing one, or just trying out an MVP, we assist you both through the front-end and the back-end development cycles. Whichever app is on your mind, we’ll help you to make the smartest technological choices to enhance product’s performance, polish design and ensure its mass appeal and extended viability.

  • Our Mobile Application Development Services

    At Vizual Technologies, Inc. we engage experts from across different fields for a comprehensive mobile app development process. We break down your goals, assemble a team of tech pros and make the most high quality product possible

  • Interface With Anything And Everything

    You’re given an instant access to bundles, cloud-based, or custom-built frameworks, APIs. or any kind and number of information sources

  • Small Initial Investment

    Quality management of your IT services helps to reduce your production expanses dramatically. Making smart decisions at the very start allows to avoid many possible complications in the future

  • Absolutely Cross-Platform

    Whether you utilize a cross-platform approach or you develop a native application, Vizual Technologies, Inc.’s can and will get it done. The way we organize our workflow allows a faster production cycle with no quality drop

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  • Product Development

    We use Agile/Scrum software to create a basic version, which we than gradually enhance and improve. We also use a dedicated team of mobile analysts to monitor the whole development cycle and reveal weak spots

  • Disclosure And Business Analysis

    We start out with comprehending basic functions and ideas behind the app, then analyze the business and user interaction strategies to lay the ground for the product’s success

  • Ux And Visual Illustration

    We study the market’s demands in order to please the future users. This stage is crucial to understanding the product’s commercial viability. We explore and expand upon a variety of UX design tools, whether it be wireframing, user interface mapping, etc.

  • Support And Release

    Once we’re done with beta-testing, we put out the product fully functional and provide any further necessary support



Our large and diverse pool of IT experts allows greater workflow optimization and further productivity boost. No matter the scale of your project, Vizual Technologies, Inc. got you covered with our top-notch IT solutions specifically crafted for your company’s exact needs.

Denis Marchand

We hired Vizual Technologies to help us out with designing a mobile app version of our site. Original idea was to carry over vital functions and make it work on mobile devices just like it does with a web version. The final result, however, became something far greater than we expected and drove huge amounts of visitors.

Denis Marchand
founder of a French farmaceutical company
Paulo Ferreira

The task was to improve initial poor design and functionality on our app. So we searched for someone outside our circle, with a decent reputation and a good portfolio. It’s suffice to say Viztech came through victoriously, not only fixing broken parts, but expanding further upon that.

Paulo Ferreira
food chain owner
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Why Choose Vizual Tech Inc.’s Custom Mobile App Development Service?

  • Being Part Of An Established Organization

    Our team of 50+ programming engineers is able to handle a project of any scale and complexity

  • 100+ Projects Of Different Size

    Our resume encompasses a variety of industries – from financial establishments, hotel businesses and food chains to healthcare, real estate and many other different enterprises

  • Diverse Portfolio In Different Areas

    Mobile product development is a major component of nearly every projects at Vizual Technologies inc. we articulate diplomatic partnerships with tech and non-tech companies, assisting them in solving technological and business challenges

  • Deployment On All Platforms

    With our solutions you can deploy apps on desktop and mobile platforms alike with the same level of quality in performance and functionality

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