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We give you the most competent engineers and assure quality control throughout development cycle. A tight collaboration with the R&D team means better solutions are applied to ensure final product’s excellence.

Our Offer Includes:

  • A large pool of Magento developers who has both skill and experience to handle a project of any scale – from basic Magento installations to complex customized undertakings
  • With a multitude of projects behind our back, our expertise in Magento design, development and integration is unparalleled
  • We provide onshore, offshore and nearshore development with our offices in Ukraine and the US development center in Chicago. Stationing our workforce in Ukraine, one of the most dynamic IT centers in Europe, allows for a very reasonable pricing compared to most Western European and North American countries with zero drop in quality of services provided
  • Advanced project management and well-established communication grants a swift and efficient production

According to hostingtribunal.com


Magento is the most effective and feature-heavy platform for electronic commerce right now, and it shaped and/or transformed thousands of online shops since its 2008 launch. Many people think they can manage their systems with older, simpler platforms, but modifying outdated technology will ultimately cost them more than applying Magento from the get-go. You can start out on a different platform, but Magento is the ultimate choice if you want something convenient and customizable for your affairs, mainly due to the platform’s flexibility, scalability and an abundance of coders working with it.

Transferring enterprises from one platform to another is something we’ve mastered over the years

Another big issue nowadays is the transition from Magento 1.x to 2.x – admittedly two wildly different platforms, despite sharing a name. Magento 2.x possesses an even wider toolset compared to its predecessor, so it shouldn’t be much of a hassle transporting a moderate-sized site. However doing the same for a more complex site might require some additional scripting. Features and overall functionality might get a total rehash or might be remade to resemble the former site most closely – it’s up to you to decide.


Magento is a powerful application, but a complicated one too, as it demands precision and experience to operate. This is where we come into play.

If you require help with: hosting server selection, setting up Magento-operated system, designing template installation, evaluating financial and shipment strategies, choosing extensions for functionality improvement, integrating third party applications, prices establishment or website maintenance, then you’ve come to the right place!

We possess both the expertise and the abilities to implement all of your desired features


Magento’s far-from-great performance speed is yet another issue worth addressing. That is the exact reason we started providing performance adjustments for Magento, which include various ways of optimizing the load time, accelerating database queries processing, and fine tuning of server settings, as well as applying advanced caching technologies for further performance improvement.

It’s easy to manage a smaller store with limited amount of goods and visitors. Now managing a big one is a whole different story, since it requires a complex system to control everything from shipment logistics, managing suppliers, and processing orders to price regulations, POS updates and bookkeeping. That is why you need us. We organize POS terminals, fulfillment services and data feed from suppliers into a single automated system working under Magento.


We approach site design with multiple platforms in mind in order to make your online store equally user-friendly on both mobile and stationary devices. Customers are able to purchase everything using a computer, a laptop. a tablet or a cellphone. Implementing responsive design is necessary in terms of user experience and satisfaction, and that means customers will return to your shop for more purchases.



Our large and diverse pool of IT experts allows greater workflow optimization and further productivity boost. No matter the scale of your project, Vizual Technologies, Inc. got you covered with our top-notch IT solutions specifically crafted for your company’s exact needs.

Terri Mitchell

Upon starting an online store, we were introduced to Magento platform. We then reached out to Vizual Technolgoies, Inc. in order for them to assist us in creating a unique application. They were most resolute about building it on Magento version 2, which turned out to be a perfect platform four our activities.

Terri Mitchell
executive director at DigiWonder
Franck Brouchet

Unsure about what platform we want to use for our project, we asked Viztech for their expert advice. Impressed with their knowledge and deep understanding of the matter, we decided to extend our relationships even further by handling them part of the project on Magento.

Franck Brouchet
project lead
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6 Reasons to partner with
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Below are 6 important reasons you should select our company to handle your infrastructure, assist your people and systems, and advise you on how to reduce the risk of your projects.

    Technology is ever-evolving and it affects the way we conduct businesses. Business needs to adapt to the rapidly changing technology to survive. Instead of wasting time to deploy new technologies, you have Vizual Technologies, Inc. to ease this process for you.


    When you work with Vizual Technologies, Inc., you’re granted an access to our expertise and resources, which will enable you to scale your business. If you are planning a product launch during which you expect a massive traffic increase, you can scale the infrastructure that can cater for your needs.


    With Vizual Technologies, Inc., you are assured that the solution will be carefully designed to suit your requirements. With our economy-friendly package we always get all businesses covered.


    We value all our customers, and in doing so we comply with the regulations of our client’s country. We handle the infrastructure while the customer handles the business aspects of his company.


    Changing your hardware is a daunting task, which can slow down your employee’s operation. With Vizual Technologies, Inc., we promise zero downtime and 24/7-customer support.


    With our experienced IT professionals we connect all your systems together into one cohesive network. This removes the need to manage your systems separately, and in turn improves the performance of your systems.

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