Hard fact – you can’t build a successful business today without applying electronic commerce technologies. All brands – from small enterprises to industry giants – must have a decent online presence in order to stay relevant. If you want your brand to be competitive in today’s realities, then join us and enter a new age of prosperity.

We work with well-known e-commerce platforms – OpenCart and Magento. We’re the experts with 13+ years of experience to our name and we’re more than capable to push your business forward and take you to the next level.

E-commerce sales worldwide 2014-2023

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Strategic Analysis

Want to boost the e-commerce performance of your online store? Through thorough and comprehensive market analysis we’ll develop a strategy for your advancement – a blueprint for your triumph!
We at Vizual Technologies, Inc. use tested online marketing strategies that has proven their effectiveness, but we also keep an eye out for everything new that might come in handy.

Smart Design

Treat your customers the way you’d like to be treated yourself. Provide the best user experience possible by making sure that at no point during their visit to your site do they have any trouble. We’re here to help you design a site that will turn mundane purchasing into an exciting pastime for your customers by applying the most innovative UI/UX practices to introduce a responsive, intelligible design.

Innovative Solutions

We monitor all the latest trends in the digital world, so with our aid you’d able to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Utilizing our up-to-date e-commerce solutions will let you attract and engage customers like never before.
Adding some pretty graphics isn’t enough to make a change. We assemble a complex digital entity, that transcends apps and devices. Technical expertise is a given. Now the hard part is coming up with something truly original and groundbreaking. And “original and groundbreaking” is our motto.

Optimized Experience

Constantly analyzing, maintaining and optimizing your store, we design your site to last and ensure a constant flow of customers, thus increasing the conversion rate.

Wide Promotion

It takes several big steps from the initial idea to your vision’s ultimate execution – we are ready to assist you on each one. Our jointly developed strategy, enhanced with top-of-the-line technological solutions, including SEO optimizing and advertising on social media platforms, will transform your store into a legit competitor in a saturated modern online market business.

Reliable Security System

We implement the best security services to make sure your sensitive information and the information of your clients is safe. We understand the importance of maintaining security when running an online store, so rest assured it is our top priority to keep the data under constant guard.

Constant Support

Progress is impossible without having a reliable support system on your site. We help you maintain your store, remove bugs and constantly improve performance so that your customers have a good time shopping.

E-commerce 2019 in Ukraine

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  • Custom design

  • Extensive product catalogs

  • Checkout options

  • Merchant accounts

  • Payment processing

  • Shipping and taxes

  • Inventory tracking

  • Regular reports

  • Implementing discounts

  • Project analytics

  • Product media management



    Once we have your list of candidate requirements, your preferences considering outsource location, further relocation plans and budget constraints, we immediately begin sifting through the applicants


    We provide you with extensive resumes, that include code samples and test assignments. The next phase is setting up an interview, which can be conducted both through Skype or in person


    When a perfect candidate is found, you can either set a trial period for your new employee at our office or transfer him directly to join your team on preferred location.

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Our large and diverse pool of IT experts allows greater workflow optimization and further productivity boost. No matter the scale of your project, Vizual Technologies, Inc. got you covered with our top-notch IT solutions specifically crafted for your company’s exact needs.

Olatunde Mzangwa

I was looking for a fitting platform that would make my online store functional and convenient for customers around the globe. There were a lot of details and specific utilities that I wanted to add, and I’m glad to say VizualTech never said “no” or “this can’t be done”. Our collaboration is a living proof anything can be done given the right people.

Olatunde Mzangwa
chief technology officer at A-Teck
Francois Baratier

I was in the process of transitioning from a physical store to an online one, and was looking for an outside perspective on how to proceed with this new medium. However Viztech’s brilliant insight has convinced me to go further and wholly embrace this new realm of electronic commerce.

Francois Baratier
online store owner
Why choose us

6 Reasons to partner with
Vizual Technologies, Inc.

Below are 6 important reasons you should select our company to handle your infrastructure, assist your people and systems, and advise you on how to reduce the risk of your projects.

    Technology is ever-evolving and it affects the way we conduct businesses. Business needs to adapt to the rapidly changing technology to survive. Instead of wasting time to deploy new technologies, you have Vizual Technologies, Inc. to ease this process for you.


    When you work with Vizual Technologies, Inc., you’re granted an access to our expertise and resources, which will enable you to scale your business. If you are planning a product launch during which you expect a massive traffic increase, you can scale the infrastructure that can cater for your needs.


    With Vizual Technologies, Inc., you are assured that the solution will be carefully designed to suit your requirements. With our economy-friendly package we always get all businesses covered.


    We value all our customers, and in doing so we comply with the regulations of our client’s country. We handle the infrastructure while the customer handles the business aspects of his company.


    Changing your hardware is a daunting task, which can slow down your employee’s operation. With Vizual Technologies, Inc., we promise zero downtime and 24/7-customer support.


    With our experienced IT professionals we connect all your systems together into one cohesive network. This removes the need to manage your systems separately, and in turn improves the performance of your systems.

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