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Our rigorous system of applicant screening is aimed at defining the most apt specialists in the field. What comes next is the interview, where you can individually estimate, via Skype or in person, the applicant’s proficiency to approve or disapprove said candidate. The number of Angular-related technologies in Ukraine is on par with the rest of the world. We provide engineers skilled in Javascript, Chai, Bower, grunt, Jasmin, ES6, Sass and a multitude of other frameworks and toolkits.

Direct Team Management

Zero 3rd party involvement – you speak directly with your hired team members and/or manager/team lead.

Financial And Logistical Benefits

Your team will be located in our office in Odesa – one of Ukraine’s leading IT centers. We provide your developers with software, hardware and any number of additional supplies they may require.

Support On All Fronts

Human resources management is equally important. We provide dedicated HR managers, administrators and all sorts of retention specialists in order to organize a productive and efficient work process. We keep you informed on the progress all the time submitting regular reports.


The people you hire with us sign up for a full time 9-to-5 job, which means no side jobs or bungle, which means total dedication and focus on YOUR PROJECT.

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Being among the most widely used JavaScript frameworks, Angular provides a large set of tools for web application, desktop and mobile apps development (renowned Ionic framework being a fine example of a platform built with Angular).

It’s had several iterations since its original launch in 2009, the most recent version being 4.7.1, introduced by its original creators Google in summer of 2019.

Some of the key features of Angular include modularity, dynamic loading system, component architecture, TypeScript deployment, usage of expression syntax, etc.

Freelancer.com, Eat24, NBA.com, Udacity and Google Express are just a few of the most successful sites built using Angular. The framework’s unceasing popularity makes it a top choice for those who think progressively and wish to stay relevant and competitive in modern online market business.


  • TypeScript Utilization

    A superset of JavaScript, TypeScript programming language, developed by Microsoft, is a powerful tool for identification of code errors. Its speed and performance is what make it standout when compared to JavaScript.

  • Stability

    Starting with Angular 2, all versions are completely backward compatible. That means you’re able to migrate the code to a newer version with no significant setbacks. The stable work is only further enhanced by Google support.

  • Modularity

    The modular system is quite convenient when it comes to code writing, implementation and re-integration. The basic principle upon which it is based lies in compartmentalizing different modules for different purposes. A lazy loading approach is also perfectly applicable for greater optimization.

  • Reliability & Accessibility

    Angular is perfect for codebase organization, maintenance and subsequent reuse. The way this framework is functioning makes it much more accessible for the engineers previously inexperienced in Angular to work with.

  • Testing Simplified

    Another useful feature that comes with a modular system. Not only does Angular allow faster and simpler testing of separate code segments, but it additionally provides multiple ways to approach it. Protractor, Karma and Jasmine utilities all serve different goals, and switching between those can prove most useful when approaching various tasks.

  • Cross-Platform Convenience

    Utilizing Angular framework suits all kinds of development, whether we talk web, desktop, laptop or mobile applications. Another important feature is the creation of advanced web applications – simple in use, but highly functional and efficient, overall uniting the best qualities platforms have to offer.

  • Community

    Due to the framework’s popularity, a large community of developers formed as a result. Online resources like Gitter and Stack Overflow, as well as numerous dedicated Slack and LinkedIn groups bring together a huge amount of IT enthusiasts eager to share knowledge and experience, and there are even several specialized Angular conferences being held annually in different parts of the world.


Angular being one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks today, grants access to a gigantic arsenal of digital tools, and its usability is only boosted further by Google’s continuous technical support, as well as passionate online community.

Building a team of solid Angular professionals takes a lot of dedication and research – from outlining the project and getting your points across to actually embodying those ideas of yours into their digital forms. Naturally it requires finding developers most suited for the job, and we can aid you in acquiring any number of those employees. Contact us any time if you need high-profile experts and professional developers to deliver your dream project



Our large and diverse pool of IT experts allows greater workflow optimization and further productivity boost. No matter the scale of your project, Vizual Technologies, Inc. got you covered with our top-notch IT solutions specifically crafted for your company’s exact needs.

Jared O’Connor

They were the first to reach back and that was a good omen. Their ability to overcome difficulties on the shortest notice has become a major factor in keeping up with the schedule, which is obviously of utmost importance to us.

Jared O’Connor
team lead at Unison Communications
Diego Lorca

Since our collaboration began two years ago, I haven’t regretted a single time that I entrusted my project to guys at Vizual Technologies. Their level of Angular proficiency leaves most companies far behind.

Diego Lorca
project lead at Template Company
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    Technology is ever-evolving and it affects the way we conduct businesses. Business needs to adapt to the rapidly changing technology to survive. Instead of wasting time to deploy new technologies, you have Vizual Technologies, Inc. to ease this process for you.


    When you work with Vizual Technologies, Inc., you’re granted an access to our expertise and resources, which will enable you to scale your business. If you are planning a product launch during which you expect a massive traffic increase, you can scale the infrastructure that can cater for your needs.


    With Vizual Technologies, Inc., you are assured that the solution will be carefully designed to suit your requirements. With our economy-friendly package we always get all businesses covered.


    We value all our customers, and in doing so we comply with the regulations of our client’s country. We handle the infrastructure while the customer handles the business aspects of his company.


    Changing your hardware is a daunting task, which can slow down your employee’s operation. With Vizual Technologies, Inc., we promise zero downtime and 24/7-customer support.


    With our experienced IT professionals we connect all your systems together into one cohesive network. This removes the need to manage your systems separately, and in turn improves the performance of your systems.

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