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What kind of services do you offer?

We at Vizual Technologies, Inc. help to build, maintain and support dedicated offshore software development teams. We provide administrative relocation services to those interested in hiring Ukrainian programmers, engineers, and designers. We additionally offer consulting in a variety of IT sectors.

What kind of experts are available?

We give you access to a large pool of specialists: developers, project leads, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, UX/UI designers, Scrum experts, support engineers, software testers, etc.

What is your technology stack?

We utilize pretty much every currently available technology. With approximately 185,000 software engineers active in Ukraine today, the country ranks at a top position globally in Unity 3D developers and C++ engineers numbers and only second in regards to JavaScript, Scala, and Magenta specialists. Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Python, you name it – we got it all. Take a look at our extensive list of high-skill professionals – they’re available for instant hiring and relocation if needed.

How much does it cost?

You only pay a monthly fee for the people actually hired – we don’t charge extra for anything else. We take it upon ourselves to seek out, enlist, review, and interview candidates – on which you have the final say. The only exception is the relocation process, for which we request a single payment to cover up legal and transportation expenses. That system doesn’t change with time – if you’re willing to restructure your team at any point, we do it on the same conditions.

How long does it take to set up a complete team of developers from scratch?

As a rule, it takes around two weeks. However, there are certain variables when it comes to your project goals and exactly what type of specialists you require. It might take longer if we’re looking for a rare specialist in a specific field of expertise. Rest assured we keep you updated so you won’t experience any unpleasant surprises with us.

How can I be sure the recruits you find are qualified enough?

Once provided with prerequisites for the job, our recruitment specialists start screening through the database in search of the perfect applicants. An in-depth analysis of the resumes submitted then ensues. After that we conduct an interview where you can meet the applicant in person and consider his competence. We can repeat the process for as many times as you see necessary to discover the best possible candidate.

What is the hourly wage for developers that you hire?

We practice monthly payments instead of an hourly wage. Your budget might fluctuate within certain limits depending on an exact number of your employees and their own experience and specializations. Provided the project outline, we can submit a precise financial estimate to you right away.

Are your developers proficient with Agile methodology?

Over two-thirds of our engineers have experience with Agile technologies like Scrum, Kanban, and XP, but we also utilize several other models for specific technical needs, like Extreme Programming for design purposes and Waterfall for optimal managing of smaller projects (landing pages, for example).
We also provide Agile consulting as a means to channel teamwork more effectively and boost synergy.

Where will my team be located?

That will depend mainly upon the accessibility of developers within the required range of abilities, as well as local pay rates. We currently have two large offices in Chicago and Odesa with all the necessary equipment and software, as well as furniture and office supplies.

Do you provide any human resources management aid?

We assign a dedicated HR manager to maintain a healthy working climate within the team, which is key to ensuring productivity. We can also provide bookkeeping and legal services as well to help you meet financial and social commitments.

How do I be sure my team works as expected?

You monitor your team’s work remotely. You can either hire a supervisor on your location, or you can alternatively hire a team lead to monitor your team on site. Either way, we can assure you you will face minimal difficulties since the process isn’t all that different from running an in-house team.

Can you help me if I need just a single programmer/engineer/designer? Or if I need a huge team?

We can help you with any number of employees you require, from just one to a hundred.

What if I’m unsatisfied with the people you’ve provided?

We do our best to make sure our clients are most satisfied with what we provide. However, that’s life, and anything can happen. Should such a problem occur, you must notify your dedicated HR manager, which will, in turn provide options on how to best approach this situation. If it can’t be resolved with the current employee, we’ll immediately start searching for a better candidate, with no extra charge for you.

Any charges if I decide to discontinue our cooperation?

One month prior notification is all that is required of you to let us settle things properly — no extra charge.

Can you organize a business trip for my hired team?

We most definitely can. We will assist your team members with visas, settlement, and any kind of logistics.

Would I be able to visit my team at your workplace?

Absolutely. We’re completely open, and we welcome mutual visits. It helps to get a broader perspective on how things are done on both sides, gain trust, and improve collaboration.

Is your company ISO-certified?

We are confirmed by the respectable TÜV SÜD service center to be ISO-certified (ISO 9001 – international standard for a quality management system).

What means do you provide for data security?

Although the developers you hire with Vizual Technologies, Inc. work in our office, all the data is stored on a reliable remote cloud server, and you can regulate access to sensitive information. Non-disclosure agreements are mandatory.
We apply extensive safety measures including restricted workplace access, use of firewall and antivirus software, an elaborate system of passwords, just to name a few. You’re also always welcome to suggest any additional measures you think are necessary.

What makes you different from the competitors?

With Vizual Technologies, Inc. you get a dedicated office in Ukraine without putting resources into office space and save yourself time on hiring procedures.
We are committed to building strong software development teams. We pick our developers with great precision. Our workers possess the highest level of expertise and professionalism in their respective fields.
Getting the right people means getting projects done right. And satisfied customers always come back, so we’re only interested in forming long-term business relationships by providing quality services.

Do you have any side activities for developers?

We organize a lot of team-building occasions to bring our team together, and we provide advanced training for developers to maintain their high qualification level.

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