LawZam recently announced their new website that lets anyone obtain free legal assistance via teleconference. The owners of the site have dedicated themselves to making sure that the general public has access to some of the best legal advice available. They recognize that finding a lawyer can be one of the most frustrating processes anyone will ever face. Usually when someone begins the search for a lawyer it is because they are in legal trouble, and the stress of that is enough to deal with. Entering the confusing maze of finding the right lawyer just complicates the problem.

free legal assistance

The magic of LawZam lies in the fact that anyone can go to the site and quickly find a lawyer and best of all consult with that lawyer face-to-face via videoconference. The initial consultation is free of charge and the visitor to the website is under no obligation to hire the lawyer they speak with after the consultation. LawZam is not a law firm and receives no fees from any agreement between client and attorney nor do they get involved with any of the issues discussed during consultation. They are just facilitators of communication.

Visitors will find the website easy to use. They will be able to ask an attorney a simple question by typing the question in a handy questionnaire box and they will be able to find a lawyer in their area by entering their zip code in the search box. What most visitors of the site come for is the free consultation through video conference. The home page lists the various attorneys who have affiliated with LawZam, and visitors will be able to see the attorney’s credentials and practice areas with the click of their mouse. Once they have decided which attorney they think is right for them all it takes to get video consultation is another click.

Those who have used the site so far are finding it invaluable and industry trade magazines have been giving it rave reviews. One recently wrote that “LawZam is a legal matching site offering something new, namely, real-time communications between lawyers and prospective clients in video.” Another said: “LawZam is like speed-dating for the legal world.”