To develop a good web-application you need to solve just several tasks:

-Database consistency (data bases doesn’t conflict with each other at the same time in all computational nodes)

-Availability (each query has a correct response of the system)

-Partition tolerance (splitting of the allocated system into several isolated sections doesn’t lead to an incorrect response of each section)

At the same time yet nobody takes the task of high performance from the developers.

If your web application has passed all mentioned tasks, but you still have few users or bad fit-backs maybe it the right time to pay attention to its performance and usability. We suggest you to learn the basic options used by developers for web application performance optimization.



The very first thing you should decide before optimization of something is of course the necessity of such actions. Does the following performance suit you? For instance, if you decide to develop a game you should take into account the level of FPS (frames per second) on “midrange” OS and “usual” configurations. If it is low – your users will notice it. Exactly the minimal FPS value defines impressions of the game – if it is slow or fluent. If you have a web site you should check the loading speed of your pages. If this time is split seconds your users would be active and pleased the site operation.

Any optimization ought to be started from figures. Your optimization would be effective if you analyze the performance time of different fragments of the application. Fledged operation picture will let you optimize really slow fragments saving your time from less important tasks.

Client’s requirements on web application performance


You should clearly understand what the «high-performance web site» means for you and formalize these requirements. Most people usually head for other web resources and say something like “i want as fast as here” and point some web site or web application. But such answer doesn’t satisfy developers. Your requirements should be clearly shaped: main page – 0,4 Sec, detailed- 0,2 Sec, site search – not more than 1,6 Sec.

Considering this, performance of Javascript is the first you should begin from. It should work fluently.

The next point – styles and pictures, they must load also fast. It’s better to share them from different domains as browser can use only 6 flows for uploading from one domain.

These tasks are achieved by JS – developer and HTML-imposer so we can say that they are the main persons who response for application performance from the client’s side.

Development management


Inefficient process management can also make problems for application performance, as the proverb says «too many cooks spoil the broth». Moreover, all functions are tested by the only person who physically can’t do the full check and tests only operation, but not the speed of created web application.

Rather often chief management doesn’t understand the problems of development and quality and is interested only in terms. In this case everything is done in a hurry, anyhow or at random.

So development team should be chosen carefully and responsibly. This will help you to avoid such mistakes of web application performance as:

– using of heavy graphics

– too many files loading in one page

– poor data profiling

– texts missing

– wrong algorithms for a particular task.


Server problems optimization


Web application performance optimization can be also based on web servers. To get the best results you should avoid unreasoned statics return or slow generating of dynamic content.

The optimal solution for these problems is using of CDN (Content Delivery Network). If for some reasons such option is not acceptable statics can be brought out to the separate domain, that will let several flows uploading. Or as a variant it is possible to transfer it to a separate server with fast disks.

Our web development team uses all mentioned ways for web application performance optimization and greatly accelerates projects without any compromises on quality or usability. Bets results for best terms.