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  • New trends of web design 2015

    Web design is changing extremely fast and as a result yesterdays’ trends become usual today. It’s well-known that site usability and attraction are directly proportional to the amount of users interested in it. So let’s review what web development features are most perspective this year. 1. Professional and unique photos Indeed, visual acceptability takes one […]

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  • 20 main trends of webdesign 2014 according to the VizualTech version.

    VizualTech – web design USA company with over 10 years of experience with in-house team of designers and developers. We picked up tendencies of a web design for 2014 based on the previous. There are two components. One is the trends dictated by development of the modern mobile technologies, communication links and various software. These […]

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  • 10 mistakes in pop-up design

    January 31, 2014 by
    10 mistakes in pop-up design

    It’s getting more and more common to use pop-ups within the site for advertising. They are created to catch attention, call to action, tell about special offers etc. But some of them are really annoying and have absolutely opposite effect. Here are 10 most common mistakes in pop-up design.

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  • Eleven Steps to Launch a Website

    Creating your first website is quite a challenging experience, especially if you are not familiar with web technologies. You might face difficulties, and there are several important moments to remember. To begin with, read our 11 steps to launch a website.

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