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  • Mobile website against mobile application

    The amount of mobile device users is growing up extremely fast. And from day to day they use an increasing number of websites adapted to such devices. Therefore, it’s obviously necessary to note this tendency while creating a website for your business, otherwise you can loose a vast part of target audience. There are three […]

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  • Why do you need to move your business to mobile devices?

    Digital media, especially mobile devices keep growing up faster than any other media on the market. As a result more and more companies integrate their services with mobile platforms. Mobile strategies become their highest priority for the nearest years. Smartphones and tablets appearance and Internet development have made mobile applications one of the most convenient […]

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  • How to Promote Mobile App

    January 20, 2014 by
    How to Promote Mobile App

    While the competition at mobile apps market is quite harsh, new applications appear every day. If you have a cool mobile app and need to promote it, have a look at a short guide of online and – don’t be surprised – offline promotional tools that we wrote.

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  • Tips to Create Successful Mobile Application

    Since millions of people use smartphones every day, creating a mobile app is a really good idea. But how to make it successful? We listed basic requiremenets for a good mobile app.

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