logo design

A professional logo is a company face. It gives you an excellent chance to make good first impression about your business on clients who knows nothing about you. It’s an obligatory step on the way of company positioning. Well-turned logo differs your team from hundreds and thousands of your rivals.

Unfortunately rare logos can be named successful because unallowable mistakes have been usually admitted during their developing.

We offer you to study the main bugs to be found in logo design. What mistakes should be avoided if you wish to develop a competent and effective company logo

1. Following modern trends


Creating your logo according to fashion trends — you practically stamp expiry date on your company. Trends are changing fast and it’s a false way to follow them. The only piece of advice to all designers and customers is not to follow trends, but to create own style. And if it agrees with todays fashion – well, it’s your lucky ticket.

2. Too sophisticated and intricate logo design


Too complicated design and too many details make logo difficult to sense and by the way, such details are hard seen in small size. Imagine, you look at finger prints from a distance – you will see nothing clear but a small spot. The very simplicity and minimalism in design makes easier logo recognizing and at the same time raises its chances to become long-run and independent from fashion and time. It’s worth to remember the gray scale variants for simple design also. Beautiful colour image can become a gray spot while using this printing scale. To avoid this you should begin your concept from black-and-white variant or sketch. Colour decision must be the last point in your process.

3. Raster graphics


Applying of raster elements makes much trouble for logo replication. The best choice for logo design is only vector graphics. And at the same time it shouldn’t contain any raster effects, shadows, shining and other “decoration” which couldn’t be scaled. And colour scale should of course be CMYK. Otherwise, you’ll get little squares and expected client’s anger instead of a logo.

4. Typographic mess in logo design


Unlike colour scale graphics has top priority in logo design. Font selection is an important task which decides your logo destiny. Balance between text and symbol is the aim you need to achieve. Otherwise, customers will be unable to focus on one item and just miss it. Each font has its own features and perception. Two items – this is the highest possible fonts amount you can use in logo design. Not four and even not three, but only two or even one.

5. Poor logo design concept


Logo elements without any idea or reflection of company activity and positioning are just senseless set of letters and pictures providing no information.

Logo building is like a visit card design, but for a company and not for a person. For that reason logo should contain the main information and «coordinates» of your company. It’s perfect if your logo reflects company activity and specific of the branch. Type and colour selection should correspond to the target audience of the brand.

6. Unadaptable logo elements


Your logo should be adaptable to different advertising tools: printing, embroidery or big-boarding. Any logo is located both on giant advertising shields and small directories like cloth labels, company mark for documents or visit cards. This is why it should be easily adapted to any size and scale not loosing its shape.

7.Copy-pasting of famous logos


You stitch yourself and break author’s rights by using ready-made logos. Your main task is to make your logo unique and the only one of its kind.

8.Bad choice of designers


Don’t use on-line logo templates. It’s not a good variant to pass on-line competitions among freelancers also. And of course don’t make a logo design by yourself if you have no idea how to do this. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Professional business must look strong and respectable.

Unique and unforgettable logo design and absence of replication problems are incontestable advantages of cooperation with professional designers. You can be sure in the best result. We will help you to design an excellent logo – bright, attractive and adaptable! For more tips or free consultation re logo design pls contact our developers and designers.