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  • Performance  of web application – optimization ways

    To develop a good web-application you need to solve just several tasks: -Database consistency (data bases doesn’t conflict with each other at the same time in all computational nodes) -Availability (each query has a correct response of the system) -Partition tolerance (splitting of the allocated system into several isolated sections doesn’t lead to an incorrect […]

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  • Logo design and its main bugs

    A professional logo is a company face. It gives you an excellent chance to make good first impression about your business on clients who knows nothing about you. It’s an obligatory step on the way of company positioning. Well-turned logo differs your team from hundreds and thousands of your rivals. Unfortunately rare logos can be […]

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  • Tips to Create Successful Mobile Application

    Since millions of people use smartphones every day, creating a mobile app is a really good idea. But how to make it successful? We listed basic requiremenets for a good mobile app.

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  • Eleven Steps to Launch a Website

    Creating your first website is quite a challenging experience, especially if you are not familiar with web technologies. You might face difficulties, and there are several important moments to remember. To begin with, read our 11 steps to launch a website.

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  • Hiring: Company VS Freelancer

    December 24, 2013 by
    Hiring: Company VS Freelancer

    When you need a website (or texts for it, or graphics), you have two options to choose from: hire web design company or work with freelancers. Both of choices have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a short review of them.

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