About VizualTech

A Custom Web Development Company

Who We Are

VizualTech, a Custom Website Development Company Based in Miami, Florida, has been servicing clients of all sizes throughout Northern America and Europe since 2003. With a vast network of expert minds teamed together, we have both domestic and international developers with experience in all categories including custom web designing, e-commerce, flex development, online marketing, social networking, video applications and more.

Our unique combination of solutions includes personalized service, attention to the details, on-time delivery, all within a budget you can afford. No matter your situation, we can work with you to provide an effective solution web development services. Today, VizualTech is recognized as a Web development company specializing in stellar business websites. We’ve completed over hundreds of Custom Website Development projects with a reputation to show. Our world-class team of highly skilled technicians, web designers, developers and all-around Internet gurus are available to bring success to your project today, no matter the size or shape. View examples of our Custom Website Development work in the Portfolio or Contact Us today for an immediate quote on your project.

What We Do

VizualTech specializes in building websites to enhance your brand image, increase your visibility with a strong online SEO presence, and ultimately generate more business. We provide these custom services:

  • Custom Website Development

  • E-Commerce Solutions

  • Web Design & Web Development Services

  • Logo / Identity Design

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Credit Card Merchant Setup

  • UPS & FedEx API Integration

  • WordPress Blog Setup

  • Search Engine Optimization

For more details, visit our Services page.

Why We Do It

Your challenge is our fuel to create beauty in function and appearance. It keeps our creativity hungry and fresh as we overcome obstacles one by one, side by side. We simply love doing what we do. When our collaborative team of web designers, technical experts, and coders put their heads together, the process is fun, and the outcome is nothing less than amazing. They say you learn something new every day. For us, this is true.

Website design Miami. With every new project, we look for an exhilarating new path to head down and bring a new creative process to life. This challenge keeps up looking for more and inspires us to go beyond the average. And since we love what we do, overcoming obstacles is just part of the daily work.

Our Goal

VizualTech, a Custom Website Development Company, has a goal of commitment to excellence for every project that we take up. That means we are here to help you at every step and stage of your project, from the first domain name purchase to the last integration of a mobile app for your new website, with the results you want.

Our team’s capabilities coupled with our expertise can offer you a complete solution for your website needs. We stand out from the crowd with a world-class team of highly skilled technicians, web designers, and all-around Internet gurus. Our diverse professional team unites together in their passion of bringing you excellence and result-driven, successful project completions. We are experts that can offer you above average return on the results you’re looking for.

Our Team

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What differentiates us from our competitors, is our people.

Our people are experts at what they do and have unparalleled problem solving skills, topped with a thorough understanding of the recent trends in the industry. VizualTech is a company of diverse professionals who are united in their passion of using technology to achieve results, deliver value and pursue greatness.

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