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You have a great chance to focus on business while your website brings you clients? Professional website design is one of the main activities of our company. We’re here to provide our customers with a high quality custom website design. With our superior website design and development services your site will make long-lasting impression on every visitor. As launching site is the very beginning of your Internet presence, it is important to consider all aspects of it.

At VizualTech we have all needed professionals to provide all kinds of website design services – from developing the idea to supporting and promoting your site. We understand that all elements of the site have to work together and create the entire product. VizualTech designs websites that are easy to navigate and visually appealing. We pay much attention to usability so your visitors will come back again and again. People are becoming more mobile oriented, and we take this trend into consideration – we do mobile website designs. You may want to have some changes on your site. That’s not a problem, we create completely customizable sites to meet all needs of our clients.

Need online store? VizualTech will design you e-commerce website with all tools and features that online shop needs.

Our web design company can provide you websites of any complexity. We will create unique design for each client, considering all wishes and business stylistics. Our young and creative specialists are always full of ideas and will send your business to the correct field. We will carry out your goals quickly and qualitatively. As the proof of our persistent and high-quality work you can look at the previous works on our website and be convinced in our professional web design experience. So if you need the best website designs you're in the right place.

What web design is

Before creating a website, you need to know clearly who are your clients and why are they coming to your site. Think about specifics of your business and figure out which information should be represented on the site. What do people expect to find on the resource of your sphere? What might they need from you? Web studio can propose some ideas about site’s structure and data organization but you know specifics of your business better.

Professional Web design includes technical development, structuring of information and graphic design. It is a balance between beauty, smart organization and functionality.

There are several groups of professionals involved in creating a website:

  • web designers, responsible for graphic elements;
  • web developers who work with technical aspects;
  • content and SEO specialists who write texts and optimize site for search engines.

Structure and usability

User interface is one of the most important parts. Site’s elements should be organized in the way they can be seen and understood quickly and effortlessly. Think about users’ habits while designing site’s structure. Which blocks do they expect to see and where? Structure also depends on area you’re designing for and type of website. For example, online stores are quite different to corporate sites.

Don’t use elements that may need customers to install special plugins. Also, your website should look in the same way at all versions of all browsers. Be careful with technologies and content you use as they may sometimes cause slow loading of the site (e.g. sites with Flash elements or high resolution photos).

Make the site interactive. If possible, create comment forms, add feedback pages and option to sign up for company news. Remember about mobile visitors and think about responsive design – design that fits device’s screen resolution and is comfortable to navigate.

Graphic elements

The biggest part of information we accept comes through visual channels. Design is a first thing visitors pay attention to. It is not just images, colors or fonts but the whole look of the site. All pages should be done in the same style. Avoid using special symbols as they may be displayed incorrectly in some browsers. Designers also often use safe fonts which can be watched through different browsers without complications. Remember that the devil is in the details and work on each element: icons, buttons, lines, textures, sizes etc. Pay attention to colors. Try to choose those which won’t be too bright at different monitors. Make sure that all graphic elements you use work together with each other.

High quality texts

Texts are very important part of every site. They bring you visitors and allow search engines to index the site and show it at search results. Make texts descriptive and unique, include keywords. Pay attention to structure, divide information into paragraphs, use headings and subheadings.

Create catchy titles and make text attractive. Use fonts which are easy to read. Remember that texts along with graphics are a part of communication design and help to sell your product or service.

Considered CMS design

Choose content management system which is easy and fast to use. It should allow updating site or post into blog with no special knowledge required. Type of CMS depends on your needs – it can be on of existing on the market (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc.) or designed in the company which creates your site.