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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing services bring your corporate website to the next level. With more customers following their best favourite companies via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it is more important than ever to have a social media marketing management in place. Due to effective social media marketing strategy you can attract additional targeted traffic from social networks, form a positive image of their company and inform your customers about promotions and events. We conduct social media marketing company based on your objectives and target audience, which your brand is focused on. In addition to a potential customer base smm helps conduct market research, conduct surveys among the target group and analyze the responses received, which generally allows better understanding of customers and being closer to them. Word-of-mouth referrals can be increased and through social media you can target specific demographics and niches that will increase your company’s conversion rates.

The benefits of SMM:

  • low cost of promotion;
  • wider audience;
  • the opportunity to select users carefully for your advertising;
  • improving the image of the company, which will continue for a long period.

Important thing about social networks is that they have become an essential part of modern life. We make friends on Facebook, take photos for Instagram, repin pictures we like on Pinterest boards, enjoy Twitter microblogging and show everyone our whereabouts via Foursquare check-ins. There are many reasons why people come to brands’ pages – to share experience connected with brand, to stay informed about special offers or just because of being loyal, but all of them can be used for marketing purposes.

Our team has successful experience in social media marketing. We know how to use this modern tool to make your business more recognizable, increase sales and consumers loyalty. Hire VizualTech for social media marketing services!

What can social networks do for your business?

  • Remind about you at non-advertising way

Although all that you post on your pages work for your promotion, it shouldn’t look like advertising. Concentrate on content, make it interesting and useful so your followers would enjoy reading it on everyday basis

  • Talk to the most relevant audience

Social networks let you address messages to very particular groups of people who can be your customers because of their preferences, location, age, sex or any other criteria could be used for targeting.

  • Help in building brand identity and recognition

Social networks are checked for updates at least several times a day and if your brand is represented at customer’s feed, with time he or she starts to take it as a part of everyday routine. When your potential consumer will need to choose, there is a strong possibility that your brand will be chosen from others as something familiar and with positive associations.

  • Bring traffic to your site

Most posts at social networks are followed by links to brand’s site so people click it to see more information. Just make sure that you write catchy headings or summaries relevant to content you’re referring to.

  • Replace site

For startups and young businesses, social network is a good opportunity to be represented in web without spending for site. Facebook’s page has enough options to tell about what you are doing and start web promotion. Besides, when you start a site, you can announce about it at social networks and it will bring you traffic.

  • Increase sales

It’s very common to provide lotteries, special offers and discounts via social networks and this is a very effective way to get new customers and persuade existing ones to repeat purchase.

What should you do for effective SMM campaign?

1. Have precise goals. First of all, you need to have a very clear image of what are you going to do, in what terms and what do you want to achieve. You need to know your audience very well and build a promotion strategy according to them. Plan as much as you can (e.g. which content to post and how often) or at some moment you risk to get lost at what you’re doing.

2. Design your page to impress. It should be done in your corporate style and look professional. Don’t use standard patterns, you need to be different from everyone.

3. Make your company more human. Social networks are about human-to-human interaction so don’t become a boring robot-friend with dull messages. Thought your communicating style depends on business you run, feel free to joke, speak in human, not corporative language and behave like you’re talking to your customer one-to-one.

4. Show yourself. Upload photos, show your offices and employees. Seeing brand in faces will help your followers to identify themselves with you and take your company not only as a producer of goods or services, but as a professional team too.

5. Start conversations. Getting to know your audience was never so easy as it is on social networks. Ask questions, participate in discussions and collect information about your customers. Knowing their preferences will help you in building marketing communications, both online and offline.

6. Keep messages short and simple. No one ever reads enormous texts at social network’s feed. Post short texts with images, videos or infographics that can be interesting for your followers.

7. Use branded photos. Put your logo on all photos you upload so that when people share them it could be easy to find the origin – your page.

8. Don’t focus on yourself. If you found something interesting that your followers might like, share it with them. It’s ok to link to external site (but not to competitor’s of course) if the information is really valuable. You will be taken as someone who keeps an eye on the industry and that will bring you a lot of scores.

9. Be flexible. Although you have a long-term strategy of brand promotion, be able to change or stop certain campaigns if something goes wrong. Analyze the efficiency of every step you take and make sure that you’re not wasting time.

SMM problems: solving recommendations

Sometimes you can face difficulties which are quite hard to overcome. Not everyone come to social networks to express their likes so you should be ready for negative attitude. The main advantage and danger of social media is that information goes viral in a blink, so be very careful at what you say. Pay attention to following advices to avoid making harm to your brand’s reputation.

- Don’t be rude. Whatever someone’s said about your company, even if it is false and very unfair, stay calm and polite.

- Don’t delete negative comments. Try to propose all possible decisions and say how sorry you are about the negative experience your customer had. For serious mistakes or if the commenter is a public person, offer him or her with some discounts or gifts. Try to figure out if the situation described had really taken place as these comments might be fake. If you’re not guilty and have proofs of your innocence, provide them to convince not only the topic starter, but others who might have seen the discussion.

- Don’t ignore users. Being presented at social networks means that you are ready for conversation and interaction. Moreover, people expect you to react within several hours so try to be as fast as you can.

Who don’t need SMM

There are only two groups of businesses that don’t need marketing at social media: those whose products are of a really low quality and companies whose audience are not presented at social networks. For the first group, starting SMM campaign might be fatal for their reputation as most buzz often make very good or very bad products. You have to be sure that quality of your product is at least on medium level or you risk to have really negative results of such promotion.

For the second group, let’s have an example. Imagine that you produce dental equipment. For sure doctors and those who buy materials for clinics use social media in their lives, but they definitely prefer specialized resources when it comes to work. You may have a page and post there links to news from your company and industry in general. Focus on communicating and maybe consulting but don’t spend for advertising in social networks as it’s very hard to target on the right audience and your campaign won’t be effective. Just pay attention to promoting your website and offline marketing.