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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization / SEO Services

Website is useless if nobody sees it, so it’s not enough just to create a website, it still needs to be optimized. Seo search engine optimization - this is a complicated work with many details to pay attention for, but it is also a great way to bring natural (or organic) traffic to the site. Same as in the real business Internet sphere also has competition, so any website needs to be developed continuously to stay competitive on the market. Unlike other internet marketing tools, SEO takes time but provides your site with long-term results. You get more conversion rates and new clients for your business.

What search engine optimization services include:

  • Technical and usability site audit;
  • Connecting and configuring systems of web analytics;
  • Elimination of defects and errors that negatively affect the promotion and quality of life;
  • Competitor analysis and definition of strategy of promotion;
  • The systematic accumulation of high-quality reference weight;
  • Monitoring the behavior of visitors to the site;
  • Monthly analysis of the effectiveness of the work done.

Good SEO is critical for companies who work mostly in the web (like e-commerce stores). In this case a high position in results list is your main and most important advertisement. Very few people go further than second or third page of search results. Your site should be represented at the first page for queries referring to your business (e.g. “buy laptop online” for device online shops), otherwise people will never find you.

VizualTech, as professional seo provider, understands how Google or Yahoo! works. All sites we create are properly optimized for search engines. If your website wasn’t designed with search promotion in mind, our team can change it to meet search engines’ requirements. Depending on the topic, the competition and the number of pages promoted, we define the necessary budget, we can say that we have a cheap seo services. We provide our clients with all internal and external optimization tools so websites stay at the top of search results list for a long time. Contact us for professional search engine optimization and improve your site to bring you more clients!

Why search engine optimization is important

When people search for something, they often choose from links at the first page of results list and ignore other pages. First three positions in the list are thought to be the best one. When you spend for optimization, you spend for showing website to the most interested audience. At some point, SEO is advertising, but it doesn’t look like it so users don’t become irritated.

How does SEO work

Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bingo use special robots to index sites and, to make search results relevant to users’ queries, rank them. SEO improves websites to match search engine’s requirements and become visible to them.

Optimization can be divided into two groups – internal (for changes that can be made within the site) and external (improving “reputation” of the site in web). It is important to remember that there is no magic tool to boost site’s position in a wink. To get best results, several factors from both groups should be used.

For internal optimization, pay attention to:

1. Unique content of a good quality. All texts on the site have to be unique (there are special services to check it). This is one of the main aspects search engine takes into consideration while ranking websites. Remember that even bad text, written by your own, is much better than perfect one but copied somewhere. Though search engine analyzes materials for presence of key words needed to find your site for particular queries, text shouldn’t include more than 2-3% of them otherwise it will be considered as over-optimized (written not for people but for search robots) and lose positions. Content should be updated from time to time for both bots (to come and index new pages) and people (to show that site is up-to-date).

2. Text organization. Divide big texts into several paragraphs to make clear structure. There are 6 HTML header tags to emphasis the most important information in the text. For the headings, use H1 (the biggest and the most important) tag. For subheadings is often used H2 tag (smaller and less important). Try to include key words into the text within header tags.

3. Unique title, description and key words for each page. Tell search engines what is your page about with a help of title and description tags. Information from description is used by search engines to create snippets – short overviews of pages in search results list, so make it interesting to users. Include most relevant keywords to both these tags (they will be bolded at results list and catch attention), but don’t write all of them – there is a special tag for keywords.

4. Simple site structure. There shouldn’t be any problems with navigation through the site. Take care about menu organization, make it hierarchical and clear. Highlight or mark in some other way the section in menu where visitor is right now. For big websites, use breadcrumbs to organize links and help users identify their current location or come back to the previous directory.

5. Links optimization. Make URLs descriptive and include keywords to their structure. Don’t forget about anchors – textual descriptions of pages or sites to which link refers. Anchor text should include keywords and be relevant to page’s content.

6. Crosslinking. Have links with appropriative anchors between pages within your site as they will increase weight of pages you are referring to.

7. Robots.txt and sitemap files. Robots.txt is a special text file in root directory of the site with instructions for crawling bot (for instance, to index or not certain pages). Sitemap is a XML file listing all pages of your site to help search engine in indexing them.

8. Duplicates. Website should be available at one address, or search engine thinks that there are two different sites (for example, if resource is available at and There are several tools to get rid of duplicates (e.g. 301 redirect to send visitors to preferable address).

9. Optimize for mobile devices. Quantity of search queries made on mobile devices increases rapidly as mobile search is quicker and can be done anywhere. 3 of 4 mobile searches lead to actions – store visits, purchases, shares, calls etc. In June 2013 Google announced that sites optimized for smartphones will be preferred to those who aren’t in ranking results for mobile queries.

External optimization includes:

1. Links from other sites (backlinks). To understand how important, popular and trustable site is, search engines evaluate other resources that have linked to it. It is very similar to real life where environment plays its part in building reputation of particular person. The most valuable links come from big trusted websites, resources from sphere close or the same to yours or local resources. Good choice is to be registered in online directories and catalogs. Having links from doubtful sites, on the contrary, can harm site’s reputation. To determine the importance of pages, Google uses a special index called PageRank (PR).

2. Integration with social networks. Let visitors share information they like with their friends right from your site’s page. Social search becomes more and more important and links to your site from authoritative users with old or/and verified accounts mean a lot for ranging.

3. Use of online maps. When query includes location name, Google sometimes shows map with companies and descriptions of them at the top of search list. Use it to add information about your company so it might be found by search on maps.

Try our professional SEO services and don’t lose your potential clients. VizualTech SEO company Miami based company, but we offer our services all over the world.