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E-Commerce Website

E-commerce Website Design And Development

Professional e-commerce website design services

Time to go online! There is one word describing the main idea of online stores – saving. For business it is saving of money on rent and expensive offline promotion. Customers save a lot of time which they could have spent for traditional shopping. Nothing is easier than finding and purchasing goods in Internet. So why are you still not there?

International success of Amazon and eBay has shown that selling and buying through web is getting more and more common. All over the world consumers prefer to shop online. So don’t miss the trend! Launch e-commerce store even if your company is much smaller than giants like Walmart or Best Buy. Online shop is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to start or develop your business. No matter what you sell – clothes, furniture or train tickets. Start using online channel of distribution and increase your sales!

VizualTech specializes in ecommerce website design and development. We have a proven experience in creating, starting and supporting online trading projects. Our highly qualified team will find the best ecommerce solutions, we will provide you well-organized and user-friendly online store. Many companies begin to create ecommerce web design from the home page and then repelled from it in the rest of the site design, but ecommerce web development needs to pay more attention to the catalog, card catalog and shopping, because these pages are the conversion. So when we create ecommerce website we try to put yourself in the buyer and we pass with him all the way from the product catalog to the basket. Have a look at our portfolio.All our sites are created with users in mind. VizualTech’s team knows exactly what to do to change site’s visitors into customers. Our professionals will provide you with all tools needed. You won’t have any problems with adding new information. Website will be integrated with easy and understandable dashboard. We can also organize all web-promotional activities. Search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing – we can do it all. Just launch web-store now and let your customers enjoy shopping!

Recommendations for successful e-commerce site

There are three main steps users take at the e-commerce website: enter the site and decide if they like it, choose what to buy and pay for it. To increase sales, you need to focus at blocks responsible for these steps. Make sure you have understandable site structure, detailed product page and well-organized shopping cart and checkout. Here are some tips about each block.

Good site structure

The main thing to remember about e-commerce website is that everything should be done with user in mind. People visit lots and lots of sites before buying what they need, and your website’s interface must be as simple as possible to catch someone’s attention. User friendly sites have more chances to make customers stay and come back, so you need to:

  • Be clear. From the very first page visitors have to understand what you are selling. Don’t try to show everything you’ve got, choose the most important information.
  • Remember about navigation. Your clients have to understand where they are and how to come back at every moment. Good menu’s structure and smart links organization help to do it. If there is a standard to place certain sections at specific parts of the site, users will intuitively look for them at that places so don’t fail their expectations.
  • Place information logically. There should be a pattern of organizing data so users will always know where prices, sizes or add to cart button are. Each section title should tell what exactly visitors will see when they click.
  • One page – one goal. All pages are created for certain purposes and should not contain unnecessary or extra information.
  • Use the same design everywhere. Don’t confuse visitors with different colors and structure within one site – it is an entire product and must be made in one style.
  • Have a search option. Don’t make customers to go through the all site when they need something exact. Use tips at search like it does search engine so users can go directly to the page they are interested in.
  • Be easy to contact. Emails and telephone numbers should be seen from every page. You can also have a feedback page or other form of being in touch with customers, but place basic contact information at the top of the site.

Detailed product pages

The goal of a product page is to convince the customer to buy an item it shows. These pages are of the highest importance as exactly here to buy or not to buy question is decided. To make your clients decide positively, follow the next recommendations:

  • Detailed photos and description. All that helps people to choose while shopping online are photos and descriptions of products. Upload several images of good quality and have an option to zoom them so clients can see products in details. Text with description should be well-structured and contain all the information user might need (materials, warranty, sizes, terms of use etc.). The more you tell about product the more likely it will be sold.
  • Filters. Let your clients organize information in the way most comfortable for them. Someone likes to view all items while others don’t mind about clicking from page to page. Have a variety of sorting, for instance by popularity, alphabet, in/out of stock, brand or price. It would be also good to add several view options so it can be chosen how to see items – in details or just pictures.
  • Preview. Your clients don’t have to spend too much time visiting each page for product details. Quick preview with basic information can give answers for many customers’ questions (e.g. colors or sizes available)
  • Use recommender systems. You probably have seen stores offering you to buy items according to what you’re looking at right now. Use phrases like “People who buy it also buy”, “You may also like” and others while showing related products. This system can show customers goods that go together, for example it can offer to buy butter for those who just bought bread. It is a good way to offer discounts for some products (e.g. if you buy this phone, get SD card at lower price).
  • Wishlists and save-for-later functions. Sometimes people don’t purchase goods just after choosing, they need some time for making decision. Give your customers feeling that you are always glad to see them and that they’re free to save lists of items they liked and come for them later.

Shopping cart and checkout

Once customers have chosen what to buy they get to checkout page. Even if their decision to buy is strong, bad organization of paying process and difficulties in it might make them leave your site. To avoid this, pay attention to shopping cart interface and checkout details.

  • Shopping cart needs to have images of products so customers can see what they’re willing to buy. It has to be easy to change quantity of items and system must be able to recalculate total cost.
  • Don’t ask for too much information and try to make checkout process as fast as it’s possible.
  • Include shipping costs. Customers want to know full sum of money they are about to spend so provide them with shipping calculation form. Try to offer shipping choices both for those who want the cheapest and the fastest delivery.

General recommendations

There are several more advices to make online-shop effective. Some of them may seem obvious, but ignoring them might cause decrease of sales and customers’ trust to a company.

  • Don’t leave your customers after payment is done. Stay in touch with them and give (via email or SMS) information about the order – confirm that payment was accepted, tell about dates when it will be sent and how long the shipping will take. Remember, they’ve just spent their money and want to track it.
  • Use different marketing tools not to be forgotten by customers. Add links to your pages at social networks. Give users ability to share what they like with their friends. For existing clients, use email marketing to inform them about new arrivals, sales and special offers. Don’t forget about their birthdays and offer them some gifts or exclusive offers.
  • Take care of security. People are sometimes scared of buying online because of the safety of their data. Use trusted payment systems and inform users that you’re verified partner of them.
  • Your store should be online 24/7 so make sure that everything works correctly and you’ve paid for hosting. Customers may consider your site as unreliable if they see it offline.
  • Have a convenient dashboard. This is a control system of a site and it helps not only to keep information up-to-date, but to promote your store at search engine systems. As you sometimes might need to add new items, it should allow you to add keywords for each product. Every page of the website needs unique description and title so dashboard should help to create them quickly and easily.