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Mobile APP Development

iOS apps development

Iphone/Ipad Application development & design

iPhones are one of the most popular smartphones today. With more and more individuals choosing Apple’s functionality and reliability, iPhone application development is a must for many businesses. Your customers carry their iPhones (and sometimes iPads) everywhere, so your app can become a part of their everyday life. Apps that can be created for iPhones vary from funny entertaining to serious business, so there is a place for each business at app market. Every day demands become higher and more strict.

Let’s see what defines such situation in the sphere of ios app development:

  • Coverage 3g / 4g covers all large areas;
  • Wifi zone almost everywhere;
  • The share of mobile data traffic has increased significantly and continues to grow;
  • Increasing of technical characteristics that allows you to create more interesting applications;
  • Most sites are adapted to the mobile version.

Our iOS app development services include the following stages:

  • Defining the goals of future applications and market analysis. The situation in the market (competitors, TREND and trends) are thoroughly studied and analyzed, on the base of all information we have a clear understanding of what we need to create for application. In the process of ios apps developing this step is very important,as it helps to create a high-quality application.
  • The second important step is design of application architecture. Simple interface is the most important thing for mobile users, so our designers begin ios app design only after we have created the structure of the future application. In the process of apps development for Ipad or Iphone key attantion should be paid to the usability. There is a vast difference between user’s behaviour on desktop and mobile versions of the site.
  • The next step in ios apps development is moving design layout to HTML. After that we check the whole layout and developers implement all needed functionality.
  • When ios app development is completed we test the quality of the application. We find the smallest bugs and eliminate them. Only after we are sure that the applications have reached the perfect quality, we place it in the AppStore. You can also use our experience in applications promotion and be sure in the best results.
  • VizualTech designs apps with end-user in mind. We pay attention to user experience. We’re here to combine your ideas and iPhone’s features with clients’ expectations and create perfect product. We are ready for technical challenges of all levels and work with the project from the step of idea to the final step of testing and app’s release. Our team of designers will make every screen and every button look pretty and organic with iPhone’s or iPad’s style. Talented team of developers can provide you with flawless technical work to make an app comfortable, fast and easy to use.
  • With VizualTech’s iPhone application development, your business will take a step to the next level of mobile presence. Contact us and get the best iOS app for your company!

Android Applications Development

If you have a good idea for mobile app or just need Android application development for your business, then you are on the right website. VizualTech is highly skilled in developing Аndroid applications. We have created applications of all difficulty levels and all sizes – from small to large.

Today android smartphones are the most popular products on the market, people are using phones everywhere - at home, at work, in cafes, even in cinemas. Aims are different: to communicate with friends, to see the news, to pay their bills, may even conduct transactions on the stock exchange directly from the phone. In turn, the Android operating system is a worthy alternative to its main competitor Apple iOS and becoming more popular every day. The Android platform is free and open, it is less demanding to the design of applications and functions in contrast to the iOS and Windows Phone, so apps development on Android can be more flexible approached.

Android apps market is growing exponentially. With thousands of different applications existing at Google Play, there is still a place for a useful app of a high quality. Although there are leaders in downloads like different games, social networks or photo apps, it is always possible to find a segment for other applications. For example, local app is always a good idea.

The benefits of Android mobile applications:

  • a large range of devices created on the base of the operating system with a fairly wide range of prices that allows application developers for Android to offer their products to different segments of the population;
  • installation of any application for Android can be carried out via app store Google Play (final product is published in Google Play within 3-14 working days) and other external sources, which increases the number of users;
  • open platform restricts Android apps only by hardware resources used in devices.

Very important moment in the process of android apps building is planning its architecture and data organization. All parts and details should work together and create the entire picture. Think about features your app should have.One of the difficult aspects of Android development is that this OS is used on different devices with wide variety of screens. Proficiency in main technologies used for app creation is a must for the team working on it. VizualTech’s team has all knowledge required for professional android application development.

No matter what your specification is, our talented developers and designers will create an app to match all your and your clients’ expectations. Contact us today to order Android application development services!